My name is Marianna Skartsari, I am a visual artist and I live in Greece. I was born and raised in Athens. I studied decoration, photography, graphic & web design I worked as an Art Executive in VOGUE HELLAS. I am a self-taught painter and sculptor. Let my works be full of energy, bright colors, passion and joy for life. I love art.

My inspiration
 “I am inspired by the Greek coastal paradise: its power, beauty and tranquility. I try to bring the energy of the sea to the viewer”.  Based in Greece I had a lifetime love affair with the sea, resulting in my aerial inspired resin art.

My process
My medium is a combination of art resin, pigments, sand and acrylics. I mix my color palettes and pour onto board surface, blow torching also creates the smooth glossy glass like surface. Each painting has different number of layers. All my artworks are unique, 100% handmade and they have my signature on the front or side.



 In July 2019 I organized my first exhibition at the Parliament of Nafplio.

Virtual Exhibition “New Era”  15 Dec 2020 – 05 Jan 2021
I participated in the international online exhibition organized by Art Number 23. The exhibition features selected artists from around the world. Art Number 23 is a London-based organization, with two physical exhibition spaces in London and Athens.

In July & September 2022 I participated in the international exhibition organized by the Gallery ”Time of Art”, Kifisia, Athens.

2023 – Participation in a Group Art Exhibition in New York

17 April – 26 April 2023
New York Artbox Expo, 345 Broome Street, New York NY 10013 

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